Updated Custom Module Guide

We released Reamaze Custom Module a while back as a way for you to extend your back office needs (functions that Reamaze does not provide) into your Reamaze dashboard. This essentially offers you limitless freedom as to what you want to show inside a customer conversation. See here: http://bit.ly/1pZ16xi. Fast forward to today, the custom module can now … Continue reading “Updated Custom Module Guide”

Video Tutorial: New Response Templates (Macros)

Small changes to UI elements can yield great efficiency gains. We recently updated how response templates are managed, presented, and inserted and thought it’d be helpful to just have Marvin run through how it all works. Check out the tutorial video below:

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Customer Support for your New Business

So you’ve pulled the trigger. Your new business is officially under way. You’ve got the right product in mind, the right team in place, and a brand new site/store to show for it. The world needs whatever you’re selling. We believe you. But your customers don’t necessarily have to. That’s the world of customer service. … Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Customer Support for your New Business”

What You Might’ve Missed

w00t! Another issue of what you might’ve missed, because you know, we all miss things All-Brand Response Templates You used to be able to create response templates for the brand of your choice. You can now create response templates that are universal across all brands. This feature will give you the ability to leverage Reamaze’s … Continue reading “What You Might’ve Missed”

Customer Service Never Gets Old

What do you know about customer service 4,000 years ago? We knew nothing until we came across an article on the interwebs about a customer service complaint by a Babylonian copper merchant named Nanni. Apparently, Nanni was extremely unhappy with the services provided by Ea-nasir (we assume that’s the company providing the services) and expressed his anger … Continue reading “Customer Service Never Gets Old”

Keeping Our Promise

Happy Monday folks! It you haven’t already noticed, Reamaze is now blisteringly fast across the board. A few months ago, we made all of you a promise to continue iterating not only on Reamaze’s features but also performance and stability. Performance has always been a top priority for us and this is a renewal on that promise … Continue reading “Keeping Our Promise”

New Tags Report

If you tag conversations in Reamaze and see the value it provides in other features like workflows and custom contact forms then you’ll definitely be happy to hear that we’ve added another report to the list. Reporting is an important part of understanding not only your customers’ behavior but also the performance of your team. … Continue reading “New Tags Report”