Do You Even API, Bro?

October 26th, 2014

These guys most certainly do.

We love the peeps over at Idea Bits and their awesome products. Taking advantage of Reamaze’s API has allowed Idea Bits and their various properties to have complete control over their workflow in order to serve customers better. The Reamaze API truly allows you to go beyond what is already offered through our off-the-shelf integrations like the widgets for support and Livechat, embedded knowledge base, or embedded contact forms. The Reamaze API gives you deeper and more integrated access to your customer service data.

Idea Bits’ dynamic dashboard shows the number of unresolved issues by time across their brands. Green indicates less than 24-hours, yellow for more than 24-hours, and red for more than 48-hours. On the right are individual employee accounts that they route through Reamaze to track the same data. Idea Bits has also made it a priority to showcase this dashboard on a huge monitor in front of all their customer service employees.

If you have a great implementation of our API, we’d love to see it! We’ll make it a running series where we feature some of the latest and best configurations. And as always, we welcome feedback on our API and ideas on how to improve it. As of today, you can already to a great deal:

If you’re interested in some of Idea Bits’ products, feel free to check them out here:



Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

October 18th, 2014

If you’ve ever conducted interviews or have ever been the subject of an interview then you know there is one question that always crops up toward the end. The employer will usually ask, “Do you have any other questions for us?” Our recommendation to all interviewees at this time is to always inquire about what the host company thinks about customer service. The answer can tell you a lot about the culture of a company and how that culture might influence your career many years down the road.

Most companies will probably say they value customers, that they take customer service seriously and customers always come first, or that they spend X number of hours training customer service agents. Other times, and only if you’re lucky, you might run into a reply that stands out from the rest. This is where you should pay attention. A few months ago while attending a dinner party hosted by an old college friend I had the opportunity to dust off the elevator pitch and start some conversations with strangers. At one point, I asked a startup from the Midwest about how they perceive customer service and how they plan on scaling operations. Here is a summary of their reply:

We try to be pretty innovative with customer service, meaning we try to navigate away from the old-school one-on-one customer interactions. At the end of the day, customer service is about staying ahead of problems. We do a lot of crowd-sourced customer service where we provide many different channels for customers to not only interact with us but with each other. We have a team of community evangelists that kinda moderate this environment. They basically act as a radar and sonar combo. This trains them to not just reply to problems but also trains them to listen and replicate how other community members are replying to certain problems. When we do need to reply, we will do so with short, direct, and precise answers so we can carve out more time to spend within the community. Even our CEO participates because it’s so much more fun. We’ve experimented quite a lot over the last few months and found that this not only saves a lot of time on actually replying to every inquiry but also on training and money. We don’t need to hire as many evangelists. The evangelists that we do have are also highly engaged because they’re part of a good community. This method has also allowed us to really pinpoint potential issues before they become real customer support problems. Moderators are really good sonars in this respect.

These guys are successful because they have a pretty awesome product. They’re also successful because they’ve spent time to think about customer service and what it means to build a loyal customer-driven community. It shows their culture, work ethic, and most importantly, it shows that they might be around for a long time because customers love them so much. So, if you’re on the line about whether or not you want to join a company, consider asking them about customer service. You just might be surprised about what you hear and possibly avoid working for a company that receives these:

Reamaze Livechat

October 7th, 2014

Reamaze Livechat has landed. Over the past few months we’ve been building out a brand new dimension of the Reamaze customer service experience: real time conversations with your customers. We’re super excited to be showing it off to you today.

Adding livechat to your business is a big deal. It’s an amazing sign of growth and the cornerstone of having a customer-centric service culture. Here at Reamaze, not only do we want to make that experience simple and integrated but we want to make sure your customers experience something seamless and intuitive. We’re applying all that we’ve learned to Reamaze Livechat so that it’s not just another feature but an extension to what you already love about Reamaze. For example, you can transition from Livechat to email with a click of a button and not lose any context of the conversation. This experience is even better for your customers.

Reamaze Livechat Features

  • Live dashboard and active notifications
  • One-touch on/off
  • Embedded Livechat via Reamaze.js
  • Typing status indication
  • Chat transcripts and permalinks
  • Custom user data
  • End-chat actions such as converting to email
  • Unavailability notification
  • And much more coming soon!

To find out more about Reamaze Livechat, please visit our getting started guide in our knowledge base located HERE.

Feature Enhancement: Article Sorting

October 7th, 2014

It’s been widely recognized that simply sorting KB articles by alphabetical or chronological order is not sufficient. We’re now introducing article sorting to Reamaze Knowledge Bases to help you sort like a pro. You can now sort to your heart’s desire on either the topic level or the article level. Enjoy!

The Not-So-Curious Case of Templates

October 5th, 2014

I learned this the hard way… A couple of years ago I accidentally pressed “SEND” on an templated email to all of our clients without filling in the placeholder for “Hi John”. As a results I addressed everyone as John. Embarrassments aside, I had to send another templated email just to apologize to all the “Johns” I’ve already offended. Fast forward to 2014 and I still can’t seem to figure out why businesses insist on using full-blown email templates for things like apologies and issues that require a bit more of human. It’s not only insincere and nonsensical, it’s simply not worth the business risk!

We had some downtime yesterday and a friend sent me a link to an article from August about United Airline’s handling of said templated emails:

Here at Reamaze, we’ve always discouraged the use of full-blown email templates. Instead, we encourage our users to focus on crafting personalized responses using only bits and pieces of relevant information. In fact, as I am writing this, I double checked to see if we had any response templates set up. Nope. We make sure every response we send is unique even if it means writing the same thing over and over again.

  1. Paragraphs of text that are applicable to everyone also means that it is uniquely applicable to no one. None of what you “template” is detailed enough or relevant enough for a thought-provoking conversation. Don’t over do it.
  2. If you’ve read our book you’ll recall a chapter which emphasizes your customers’ unique ability to smell bullshit. And if you’re well versed in modern technology, even you yourself will be able to decipher what’s genuine and what’s not.
  3. Accidents do happen and it’s really not worth it if you’re just trying to save a minute or two by using a templated email. Our infographic shows that a good customer support agent has about 25 high quality conversations a day with customers. Is saving a minute or two by using a templated email really worth it?

Granted, there are times where sending the same email to every customer is required. In these situations, opt for the newsletter announcement or update.

Yesh. We HipChat.

August 28th, 2014

If you’re like us, and by us we mean team-oriented superstars, then you’ve most likely used HipChat before. Like Slack, HipChat alleviates many common headaches we have around internal communications. It offers seamless transitions between internal and external conversations, a place to share important notes/files, and beautiful interfaces on both web and mobile. In other words, it’s everything a growing company needs to stay healthy and agile.

As we work to support more apps that businesses like us love, HipChat easily became the obvious choice for integration. Starting today, you will be able to feed incoming and outgoing support conversations directly into a HipChat room of your choice. Replies are automatically synced so no teammate will ever be left in the dark. The integration will also allow user-mapping to ensure everyone is accounted for in either accounts.

To get started, click on “Settings”, “Apps”, and then “HipChat”.



Allow Reamaze access to your HipChat account.


Complete the on-screen settings.


Alternatively, you may find Reamaze in the “Integrations” panel under your admin account.


We’re firm believers that customer support is simply about communications. The more effectively and efficiently we communicate with customers, the more meaningful our conversations will become. HipChat is another move in the right direction for Reamaze and we hope you’ll enjoy this integration! If you don’t already have a HipChat account, you can sign up for one here.

What Are Your Values?

August 19th, 2014

We think this is a good week to share something we just came up with as a team here at Reamaze. If you haven’t already done this as a team, we highly suggest gathering as a group and dig deep to reflect upon the values that are important to each f you. Values give what we do structure. They help keep us straight and true. Here are the values we uphold here at Reamaze.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe every customer interaction is important and an opportunity to breed continued engagement.  We strive to create value and make those who work with us happy.


Every team member is important.  We respect and value unique contributions and embrace diversity of opinions.  We work together and support each other to achieve our goals.


Our team members drive business growth by taking initiatives outside of their comfort zone.  We recognize team member accomplishments and celebrate even the smallest wins.

Adventuring Spirit

We challenge the stale, take risks, and think even beyond the space outside the box.  We are entrepreneurs committed to demolishing the stale competition. Together we blaze new creations and innovations.


We value direct and transparent communication and a willingness to accept responsibility in decision making.  Our team members exercise independence and we learn from our mistakes.  Together we overcome challenges in our relentless pursuit of results.

Lightbox Attachment Improvements

July 25th, 2014

If you’ve been using the Reamaze Lightbox Support widget you might’ve noticed that attachments were not supported in replies to conversations. That changes today! You can now enjoy attaching files and images in your conversation replies!

Sync Up Contacts to Reamaze

July 21st, 2014

Yo! We’ve just updated our API briefly to give you the ability to sync up your contacts to your Reamaze Contact’s portal. Head on over to the API page here and use the POST end point to insert contacts data into Reamaze.

As we continue to improve and enhance available features, only customer names and emails are supported through the API. Custom fields will be coming soon so stay tuned!

Introducing the Easy-Peasy Support Anchor

July 10th, 2014

Alright alright. We’re pretty excited about two things today: 1) we’re making it easier than ever to implement our ever-so-popular support lightbox widget, and 2) we’re making the support lightbox widget prettier and more consistent than ever with a unified anchor. Here’s what things look like now:

Along with the easy of implementation, the support anchor also features a smaller form factor. With consistent access for your customers to reach your support portal, there’s also no longer a need for custom coding a custom trigger for the support lightbox! Simply plug and play and the anchor will appear across your site!

Get started by logging into your Reamaze account and going to “Settings” and then “Support Lightbox” under Website Integration. Let us know if you have any questions at!