Customer Email Management

We’re definitely on a roll lately with new updates! Hot off the press is the ability to multiple email addresses for customers. By going to the customer profile, you’ll now be able to associate as many emails as needed so you can keep track of overlapping conversations. You can also remove/edit email addresses from customer … Continue reading “Customer Email Management”

Conversation Reminders

We know we know… You’ve all been waiting for this . Conversation reminders are now available right on your Reamaze dashboard and in your conversations. You can now easily schedule a reminder to have Reamaze automatically re-open a conversation on a specific date and alert your team at the same time! When you add a … Continue reading “Conversation Reminders”

Forwarding Conversation Messages

Howdy! If you’ve been using Reamaze’s awesome internal notes feature to forward conversation messages to third parties you should be excited to know that we’ve updated the conversation panel with a dedicated forwarding tab to enhance the experience. As always, forwarding a message to a third party ensures the conversation stays properly threaded and private. … Continue reading “Forwarding Conversation Messages”

Staff Agent Level Reporting

We’ve just introduced staff level reporting for Reamaze. For those of you that need an extra level of insight into individual staff performance, this is for you! New staff reports include 3 at-a-glance sections that refresh based on the filter applied at the top. These include key metrics like the number of responses, average thread … Continue reading “Staff Agent Level Reporting”

What You Might’ve Missed

Issue #6! There are some new updates in your Reamaze dashboard based on your feedback. Let’s go through a few of them New Reporting Features Reamaze reports now feature new graph UI along with legends and clearly labeled y-axis for easier navigation and comparison metrics. A new channel filter for live chat now shows metrics for … Continue reading “What You Might’ve Missed”

New Shoes!

Reamaze is now sporting new colors! Colors are a funny thing. They evolve over time. They influence features and features influence them right back. It’s a continuum of excitement, a grab bag of ooohs and ahhhs. In the past few years, we’ve leaned on specific colors and palettes to guide the UI. Reamaze was originally green, then … Continue reading “New Shoes!”

We’re Moving to Medium!

Okay it’s official… We’re moving to Medium! If you’ve been following our blog for the past few years and enjoy the content we put out, you’ll be glad to know that we’re consolidating all non-product related thoughts, ideas, and rants into a platform that’s designed for consumption. “Better than sure” is our new publication that … Continue reading “We’re Moving to Medium!”