Individualized Staff Level Filters

November 29, 2016

We’ve updated your standard staff level filters to include specific status filters for conversations. This gives your staff additional controls to see their assigned conversations living under different states. The 4 major states are unresolved, archived, on-hold (conversations with an active reminder), and auto-resolved. To access these individualized filters, you need to first select a … Continue reading “Individualized Staff Level Filters”

Quick Customer Profile

November 28, 2016

The right rail looks a bit different today! That’s because we’ve introduced quick customer profiles to enhance the way you engage with your customers’ data. In addition to displaying the customer’s avatar, name, and email address, we’ve given you access to the 5 most recent conversations (most recent on top). To quickly access the customer’s … Continue reading “Quick Customer Profile”

Permissions for Live Chat Channels

November 27, 2016

Happy Monday! We just released the ability for you to grant (or remove) access to serve specific live chat channels under the “Roles and Permissions” settings page. It’s often necessary to limit certain agents from serving specific channels simply because it’s not relevant to them or they haven’t had enough training yet. To get started, … Continue reading “Permissions for Live Chat Channels”

Embedded Contact Form Enhancement: Forcing Default Channel

November 21, 2016

The Reamaze embedded contact form now supports the ability for you to set a default channel so customers who contact you can be routed properly. This is a new functionality after the ability to set your default message subject and the ability to remove the subject line altogether. Visit the Reamaze documentations page here.

Enhanced Email Template 2.0

November 10, 2016

Reamaze’s “Enhanced Email Template” is a mainstay of the conversational experience enjoyed by both agents and customers. This particular template below has driven millions of message since the launch of Reamaze beta back in early 2013. Straightforward and effective. Today, we are announcing a brand new “Enhanced Email Template” after many weeks of debating, designing, testing, … Continue reading “Enhanced Email Template 2.0”

Secure Custom Domains For Your Public Site Knowledge Base

November 9, 2016

We’re again excited to announce our newest integration, Clearalias, to provide you super simple HTTPS secure custom domain setup right within your Reamaze dashboard. The custom domain setting under your “Brands” panel will allow you to host your public support page at a custom domain of your choice. This is extremely beneficial if you’d like to … Continue reading “Secure Custom Domains For Your Public Site Knowledge Base”

What You Might’ve Missed

November 1, 2016

Incoming! This is the 7th issue for “What You Might’ve Missed”. It’s quickly becoming one of our favorites as it often highlights updates we’ve been working on in the background based on your continued feedback. Here are the latest changes to your favorite Reamaze features: New conversation merge UI The conversation merge feature came online … Continue reading “What You Might’ve Missed”

Now Powered By Reamaze Assistant

October 25, 2016

Sometimes you just need a little assistance… It’s not unusual to be absolutely inundated by customer requests and support conversations during busy times of the year. It’s also not unusual to receive conversation requests that need no follow-up or reply. These are typically confirmation emails, no-reply emails, etc. Whatever the case, certain conversations simply need a … Continue reading “Now Powered By Reamaze Assistant”

Updated Tags Report

October 24, 2016

Tagging your customer conversations is one of the most important processes to integrate into your workflow. By tagging conversations consistently you’ll start to build out a better picture of your business’ overall health and performance of your support team. The beauty with tags is that you can also integrate them into your workflow automation as … Continue reading “Updated Tags Report”