The Prompt and Nudge

We spend a lot of time thinking about how our customers might use our app. We usually use this time as a relaxation period where we sit around on the couch and just throw out ideas. It’s useful and gets the mind going. Once in a while we come upon ideas worth sharing.

Reamaze is about engaging users. Our experience in running web apps is that a conversational user is almost always an engaged user. Even if that user might be a PITA (pain in the you know what). Engagement = value. If you’re able to start a conversation with a user, the likelihood that a user will stick around to enjoy your product increases dramatically.

If you run a web app, you probably do at least one or a few of these things:

  1. When a new user signs up, send him/her a welcome email to log in.
  2. Once logged in, you have dashboard suggestions for how to get started and what to click on.
  3. You might send the user a few emails here and there if they don’t do anything (you’re tracking this on your end).
  4. You might run a live-chat service to help people out.
  5. If you’re really ambitious, you might have some in-app notifications to tell users what to do.

These nudges are great for getting users further along in your funnel. However, we believe you need to do more to capitalize on your users’ interactions with you app. By focusing more on how you want your users to interact with you rather than on how to push them along in a funnel will help with retention, reduce churn, and produce far more engaged users.

Some users will get along just fine by themselves. For those that need a bit more hand-holding, you need to think about what you want to say to these users. For example, a nudge message might sound like this:

  • “Click on the green button to add a widget to your project” or,
  • “We noticed that you’re missing a widget. Click here to add one!”

A much more engaging and conversational message might sound like this:

  • “Hey John, let me know if you need help adding the widget to your project. It’ll really help the visual appeal of your project!” or,
  • “Did you add a widget yet? Let me show you how!”
  • “Here are some tips for more appeal. I’m here to help.”

While the nudge message might get the user to add the widget, you are not capitalizing on the relationship building aspect of the interaction. And while most conversational messages are traditionally delivered via email, Reamaze allows you to do this in-app. Not only will your users be able to take the action you desire but they’ll also be able to interact with the targeted/triggered messages they receive without ever leaving your app.