The 2AM Demo Call

When you’re a startup, your time zone is everywhere. Our hours revolve around our users’ hours. We don’t complain and we don’t fuss about it. We actually love it. Talking to our users is one of the most important things we can do to build solid relationships.

For the past few weeks we’re having a strange run with Australian and UK businesses. Noticing this trend, we’re shifting our schedules to accommodate the hours our users feel most comfortable with. Taking some time off during the day to relax and then adding a long dinner is a great bonding experience for our team. We definitely want to keep the 12:15AM In-N-Out run as a Reamaze tradition!

Some lessons we picked up along the way:

  • Your users want to talk to you. Make yourself available. Emails are great but they can only go so far.
  • Your time is only as valuable as your users’ time.
  • Find a great time zone converter to bookmark.
  • Always communicate time in terms of your user’s location.
  • Grab your co-founder to join you on the call. That way you won’t be bored at 1AM in the morning.
  • Have that Keurig locked and loaded. Energy drinks have too much sugar in them.
  • Learn different accents. It’s a great skill set.
  • Make use of that iPhone alarm clock.