Your Zero-State Tolerance

We’ve been on the road for a few weeks now talking to businesses ranging from cool startups to more established brands. The concept of why a tool like Reamaze is valuable to any growing business is apparent in under 10 minutes. Initially, we tried shaping the pitch to match our idea of a good story, relying on the core features of Reamaze to ignite that spark. After a few conversations we noticed a pattern emerging. Although clients were understanding what we were trying to convey they had a difficult time seeing how it was relevant to them.

You see, understanding the value in a tool is entirely different than seeing how such a valuable tool can be relevant for any specific business. We had to pivot our pitch. Instead of focusing on features we had to focus on problems. We had to communicate our everyday headaches as the same headaches our clients are having. One of these problems is called the “zero state”.

A straightforward way to understand the zero state is to imagine a web app. A user spends a few minutes to sign up and log in. Instead of actively engaging with the app in meaningful way, the user clicks around blindly for a few minutes and gives up. That user was lost during the “zero state”. Because the user’s first login is so important as a determinant of continued use, there is nothing more important than getting that user out of the zero state as swiftly as possible. Many web apps resort to tutorials, getting started guides, and quests to accomplish this. However, these static prompts apply to all new users and do not take into account the various levels of user maturity. As useful as they are, these prompts are sometimes not enough to get users out of the zero state.

As app owners, you should think about how to hint and cue at what the logical next step for any given user should be. This series of actions should reflect your funnel. Instead of relying on a static method like a getting started guide, think about relevant and proactive in-app messaging to nudge users into the desired direction. In addition, you should know the different maturity levels of your new users so you can provide the most relevant and effective nudge. The good news is, Reamaze allows you to do all these things. For example, you can create different segments of users based on whether or not they have completed certain actions (your funnel). You may then use Reamaze in-app notifications to properly nudge and engage the user. Starting a conversation is also integrated into this experience.