#TransformationTuesday Updates!

Is everyone playing Grand Theft Auto V on their “work-from-home” day? Here we come all-nighters! Aside from shipping features for Reamaze that is :)

Fun and giggles aside, we actually do have two awesome new things to help transform your Reamaze experience.

Custom Email Templates

Now, a few weeks back, we introduced simple email templates for those that wanted a pure and organic email conversation. Simple templates are great because they cut away excess noise and enhances the intimate feeling of a personable email exchange. Reamaze was designed with this in mind.

However, there is an enduring beauty when simplicity meets beauty that is much more profound than just the lack of noise and clutter. Did that work? Did we sound like Jony Ive? Anyways, it’s true. We want to give our users the creative freedom to do support the right way, their way. In addition to enhanced email templates and simple email templates, we’re pretty stoked about customizable email templates in HTML/CSS.

We’re pretty sure Reamaze is the first cloud based helpdesk to offer this level of flexibility in the look and feel of your support conversations. We’re hoping to see some great design submissions. If we like what we see, maybe you’ll even win some prizes? *wink*. Take a look at this one from one of our users:

Conversation Re-categorization

This is a smaller enhancement to help you better manage those conversations. If you have more than one brand or email channel, chances are that you will receive emails to the wrong queue. If so, you can now re-categorize that conversation from a simple drop-down menu and move it into another queue.

and Voila!

Okay now you can go play GTA V.