Reamaze Recipe: Capture Customers’ Moods Using Auto-Tagging and Workflows

Have you ever wanted to capture your customers’ emotions as they were typing their message to your support team? Wouldn’t be awesome to gauge how they were feeling? What you really want is to capture your customers’ moods so you can better service them in a timely fashion.

We’re going to share a recipe with you today using a combination of Reamaze’s flexible widgets and features such as tagging and workflows. The result will be an automated way to tag conversations based on your customers’ mood. You can then triage your team to tackle these conversations. Let’s get started.

Step 1

Make sure you have the base installation and brand identification scripts installed. You can find detailed instructions here: The two scripts are:

Step 2

Install the Reamaze Lightbox, Shoutbox, or Embedded Contact Form. You can find the install scripts for each of the following here:

Step 3

For this example, we’re going to use the Reamaze Shoutbox. Go to the page in the developer doc that details “Custom Form Fields“. Copy and paste the installation script and paste it below the installation script for the shoutbox.

You’ll want to follow the instructions in the developer doc to configure selections for the dropdown menu. We recommend the “dropdown” type because it allows you to consistently capture customers’ moods. You can copy our example below as a first test.

In this example, you will be creating a dropdown menu that measures “Anxiety Level”. The moods are “Blissful, Happy, Meh, Annoyed, and Angry”. Each of these moods are designed to capture the customer’s current state of mind.

Step 4

Your Reamaze Shoutbox (or lightbox / embedded contact form) should now show a dropdown menu in addition to the normal fields.

Step 5

Now that we have established the moods we want to capture for prioritization, it’s time to automate things in Reamaze. Head on over to your Reamaze dashboard, go to “Settings”, then click on “Workflows”.

We want to create an automated workflow to tag a conversation as “Urgent Angry Customers” when a customer submits a message with the “Angry” mood selected. Alternatively, you can create an automated workflow to tag conversation as “Blissed Customers” when a customer submits a message with the “Blissful” mood selected.

Follow the screenshot below to create your first automated workflow. Keep in mind that the “Custom Form Field” should be whatever you named the “dropdown_value” in the install script. In our example, it is “anxiety_level”.

Step 6

In our angry customer above, Rodina submitted a message with the “Angry” mood selected. This is what everything will look like to the agent receiving the message. Note that this message is already tagged as “Urgent Angry Customers”! How convenient!

You can now coordinate your entire support process around how your customers feel! And because everything we did is automated you never have to worry about losing focus on angry customers!

Alternatively, you can check out the “Urgent Angry Customers” tag filter on the left side of your main dashboard:

Step 7

Another added benefit of using automated workflows to tag customer moods is the ability to run reports based on tags. Check it out!

We hope you enjoyed this simple recipe. Hopefully you’ll be able to apply it to your process and better serve your customers. Remember, these are basic recipes for your to improve upon. We’re sure you can think of many more creative ways to use Reamaze!