Facebook Threaded Replies. Done Right.

We know many of you have been waiting for this feature for a while and we’re stoked to finally make it available. Your Facebook conversations through Reamaze now supports proper threading!

If you’re used to the Facebook UI for responding in-line as a new comment or reply to a specific customer reply, then you’ll find the new Reamaze UI very familiar. Here’s what that looks like:

Let’s do a little dissection of the conversation above.

  1. Keep in mind that Reamaze does not import any posts until there’s at least one customer reply.
  2. The first reply from from V4Vanity saying “you guys are awesome”. This prompts Reamaze to import the post and alert agents via Reamaze.
  3. Mathias (agent) clicks on the “Reply” link next to V4Vanity’s comment in the Reamaze UI. This triggers a threaded reply rather than a regular unthreaded reply.  V4Vanity’s comment is quoted and displayed above. Facebook now shows:

If another customer adds to the conversation with a new comment on the same post. Reamaze will import the comment in the same conversation but not as threaded:

In Reamaze, you’ll see:

In summary, Reamaze now echoes what you see in Facebook. And rather than starting a new conversation for each comment in the same post, we thread and separate each comment properly, preserving the native logic found in Facebook.

We hope you enjoy this improvement! Let us know if you have any questions using the widget to the right >



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– Team Reamaze