What You Might’ve Missed #8 + Thanksgiving Thanks!

The holidays wouldn’t be called the holidays without some surprises!

We just celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States and we’re thankful for all of your continued feedback no matter where you are. We’re also grateful for the various ways each and every one of you choose to support our team and Reamaze. The entire team is very much looking to forward to finishing 2016 strong with major features coming in December and setting a new pace for 2017. With that, here are 3 more small things you might’ve missed!

New Tagging Interface

The beloved tagging interface now has a new home! It no longer lives in the right rail as we’re making space for brand new features there. The new location will also give you and your team quicker access to tags right underneath the customers’ subject line.

Once a tag exists, you can add new ones with a click of a button. And as always, the auto-fill feature remains unchanged.

The Brand New Right Rail

As you may have noticed, the right rail for the conversations view is much wider, flatter, and spacious. We’re making room for continued improvements to the overall conversation experience so stay tuned!

Team Viewer Notifications

We introduced Reamaze Presence last year to give teams super powers in terms of seeing what everyone is doing. Whether if you’re viewing a conversation, replying to a conversation, or colliding on a conversation, Reamaze Presence gives you insights into coordinated team efforts. The new team viewer notifications improves Presence a bit more by showing you which/when team members have viewed a particular conversation. Simply hover over the “Viewed” link just like you would on a conversation you’ve sent a customer.

Enjoy and do let us know what you think!