What You Might’ve Missed #11

New Access Control for Roles

We’ve added new access controls in Reamaze Roles and Permissions to better help you organize your team. If given the permissions, staff agents will be able to create and edit response templates and also create and edit any existing workflows.

If you do not wish certain staff roles to create and edit response templates or workflows, simply remove the permissions. They will still be able to access templates and workflows (just no editing or creation privileges).

Assignees Now Participants

When you assign conversations to staff agents, they will now be automatically added as participants of those conversations. This is a change from before where being a participant must be an explicit action on the part of the agent.

Updated Spam Logic

Customer might email you before they had a high spam score rating. You reply to the customer. However, when they write back, their spam score rating might’ve changed and their subsequent replies might be marked as spam, rendering their reply not visible within Reamaze.

We’ve updated the logic so that customers’ subsequent replies to a previously passable message will no longer get caught in the auto spam filter.