Reamaze Performance Optimization

The team has been HARD AT WORK optimizing platform performance for all Reamaze features. Our core focus was on decreasing load times and page refresh times. Most Reamaze users spend the majority of their time on different Reamaze dashboards and conversations so it made sense to squeeze as much performance out of those key junctions as possible.

Our developers spent the past few weeks rewriting the core logic that fetches data from the Reamaze database and converts it to JSON. The main issue resided in the fact that the previous method of loading dashboards and conversations created too many objects in memory. The newly optimized method results in the same amount of output but at far higher levels of efficiency.

The result? More than 2x faster dashboard and conversation load times! We’ve also improved stability overall :)

Loading time for all Reamaze dashboards and conversations. Pre vs. Post.

Enjoy your much faster dashboards!