Reamaze Shoutbox’s New Prompt and Sound

After extensive testing and A/B testing, we’ve finally decided to launch the newest updates to the Reamaze Shoutbox. Included in this update are prompt stylings and new sounds to engage customers as they’re browsing your site or app.

This update is designed to further optimize customer engagement either in-app or on-site by focusing their attention on the most relevant “messages” sent to them. You can greet your customers, offer valuable advice, or even ask them to contact you about certain things. Stay tuned for more features coming to the Shoutbox and Lightbox!

If you’re currently using the older version of the Reamaze Shoutbox, you can update to the latest version by using the Embed Builder found in your settings menu.

In the new Embed Builder, you’ll find:

  • New default prompt
  • New live preview
  • New prompt sound settings

A list of changes to the UI:

  • The prompt now appears above the trigger instead
  • The prompt is now using the same interface styling as Shoutbox notifications
  • The prompt now displays your team’s avatars based on availability
  • The prompt now displays your business brand name (if you don’t like what’s shown, simply change your brand’s name in brand settings)

Here’s a closer look at the new prompt styling.