Snail Mail Integration for Reamaze (U.S. Only)

Reamaze’s core competency is multi-channel communications with customers. We’ve traditionally ignored traditional channels such as phone, fax, and of course, snail mail. However, some of these channels are making a comeback of sorts in the world of high-tech. Hospitals today still rely on fax for secure delivery of crucial patient documents. The IRS still relies on snail mail for official announcements and updates to your taxation status. The list goes on.

After months of development, testing, and capacity building with local post offices, we’re finally ready to announce the newest channel for the Reamaze multi-channel family: Snail Mail.

How It Works

Snail Mail Integration beta will be available to U.S. accounts and businesses with physical mailing addresses starting April 1st, 2017.

With this new integration, businesses will be able to better serve a segment of customers who’re more inclined to send in official correspondences than emails or SMS messages. While Reamaze’s integrations for email, chat, social, and SMS/MMS are great, having an extra option for snail mail will make any business’s ability to handle traditional mediums more professional beyond expectations.


and Happy April Fools…