New Reamaze Notifications System

We’re excited to introduce a brand new way to customize and control the level and types of notifications you receive for your Reamaze conversations. Previously in Reamaze, notifications were an all or nothing arrangement for the sake of simplicity and ease of use. When a new channel was created, you either received notifications for incoming messages, or you didn’t.

With more channel types than ever before and with more mediums for interacting with customers such as through the web dashboard, your email, or your mobile device, the need for a more flexible notifications system was needed.

Available today in your Reamaze settings menu is a personalized notifications dashboard for you to subscribe to notifications for the channels you want and for the mediums you use. For example, you can choose to subscribe just to social media channels and receive conversation/message notifications only through your mobile device and web dashboard but not your email.

Personalized notifications settings allow you and your team to stay focused on the conversations they care most about and minimize distractions from notifications originating from other channels.

The Subscribed Channels setting acts as the central hub for managing the notifications you and your staff want (or don’t want). Start here.

The Desktop Notification Settings page allows you to disable desktop notifications entirely or abide by your personal “Subscribed Channels” list for notifications. You also have the option of only receiving notifications for conversations where you’re a participant or the assigned staff. You can even turn off the notification sound.

Your Mobile Notifications settings allow you to control what types of notifications you are to receive on your mobile device if you have the Reamaze for iOS/Android app installed. In addition to a brand new notifications sound announced not too long ago, the new notifications system gives you full control over your mobile conversation experience.