Introducing Reamaze Cues – The Best Way to Message and Engage Your Online Customers

Hot off the press!

Available today in your Reamaze account is the ability to create targeted engagement messages using rules and conditions and display them to your online customers. Reamaze Cues makes it SUPER efficient and scalable for you and your team to build proactive engagement and marketing campaigns for your store or app.

Its applications are endless. Everything from promotional discounts to cart abandonment, from on-boarding prompts to reducing churn, Reamaze Cues can work in conjunction with all of your communications channels and help you become a better communicator.

Best of all, Reamaze Cues comes with a powerful message builder and campaign manager to help you fine tune your targeting. For example:

  • You can add Call-To-Action buttons with specific URLs or custom JavaScript
  • You can orient the Cue message to come from a single agent or from your entire team
  • You can create rules and conditions for Cue messages to abide by before showing up
  • You have access to a powerful Cues API to build Cue messages and logic beyond the dashboard builder
  • With Cues, you can initiate contextual conversations with customers on your website or app

So what is a “Cue”?

Reamaze Cues essentially helps you communicate TO customers the information you want to communicate at the right time and place. These types of messages help increase stickiness, reduce churn, promote relevant content, and add exposure to things like special events.

Need some ideas?

  • Cue your customers to take advantage of a sales that’s ending in 24 hours
  • Cue your customers to remember to checkout and receive X% off his/her order before Saturday
  • Cue your customers to message you back about a specific event after they’ve been browsing for 300 seconds or more
  • Cue your customers to schedule a call with someone on your team after their 3rd visit to your site or store
  • Cue your customers to check out a new product or feature if their referral URL is Facebook
  • Cue your customers to update their account information if they haven’t done so after 3 days
  • And many more…

How do I get started?

Getting started with Cues is extremely easy. In fact, we’ve put together a guide to specifically help you deploy your first Cue. If you’re already using the Reamaze Shoutbox, Cues is as easy as dropping in a few additional lines of JavaScript.

Read our Getting Started Guide for Reamaze Cues.

If you’re an advanced use of Reamaze and are already familiar with our API, we recommend starting your experience here.