What You Might’ve Missed #15

Another week and another issue of what you might’ve missed! If you’re new here, the “What You Might’ve Missed Series” announces some smaller updates you might’ve missed during the past few days and weeks.

Uncategorized Knowledge Base Articles

Published knowledge base articles will now show up as “Miscellaneous” if you do not categorize them under a specific topic. This will help during situations where you might forget to pick a topic or simply wish to not attribute a specific set of articles to a set topic. The miscellaneous topic will work for both hosted knowledge bases as well as embedded knowledge bases.

Conversation Reminder Events

When you set reminders or when reminders are triggered by customers or by set time, Reamaze will now display the event in the conversation for easy referencing. Conversation events were released a few weeks back. You can read about it here.

Reamaze Embed and Cues Avatars

We’ve redesigned the avatars UI to better take advantage of the real estate available for your Embed message prompts, notifications, and Cues. By moving the avatars outside of the main frame, we’re able to help customers focus on your content.

Attachments API

There is now a way to attach a file to a message or conversation created via API. For conversations, it’s the message [attachment] attribute documented here: https://www.reamaze.com/api/post_conversations. For  messages it’s the [attachment] attribute documented here: https://www.reamaze.com/api/post_messages.