Reamaze <> Shopify Integration V2

Reamaze for Shopify just got a whole lot better. The Reamaze team has been hard at work taking advantage of Shopify’s latest API endpoints to bring you more data, more control, and more access to customer data through your Shopify backend.

If you currently use the Shopify integration in Reamaze, there’s nothing you need to do! Here are some of the latest features in Shopify Integration V2:

  • Showing all orders
  • Able to page through orders
  • Showing items purchased
  • Showing fulfillments and refund information
  • Showing order status (archived, cancelled, etc.)
  • Ability to refund each order
  • Ability to cancel each order
  • Contact page shows the same shopify information for that contact for all connected Shopify stores
  • Better Facebook Messenger integration such as detecting Shopify customer based on Messenger order status messages, able to suggest email contacts that belong to the Facebook contact based on that information

Take a look at the screenshots below to find your favorite features!