What You Might’ve Missed #17

We love small updates and optimizations! The downside is you might not notice all of them right away. This is why we have a series called “What You Might’ve Missed”! Here’s what you might’ve missed in the past week or two.

Unresolved Tooltip

If you have over 250+ unresolved conversations, you can now see the actual total by hovering your mouse over the “250+” icon. Reamaze will display the actual number of unresolved conversations that you and your team needs to attend to.

Shoutbox Close Trigger

Customers can now easily close the Shoutbox by clicking on the “X” trigger. Once the Shoutbox is open, the “X” trigger will display automatically.

Find Customer Contacts via Custom Attribute Values

Leverage this new API endpoint to find customer contacts using defined data attributes. The API parameter to use is defined by

  • data with a hash of key/value pairs (e.g. data[key]=value) will return contacts with data matching those key/value pairs.