What You Might’ve Missed #18

Time for another issue of “What You Might’ve Missed”! Here are some of features that we might’ve managed to sneak past you and your team.

Channel Filter for Contacts Search

You can now filter out contacts for channel. This makes drilling down to a cohort of customers much faster. When combined with other filtering attributes, this new feature will allow you to find customers that match those attributes within a specific channel.

New Customer Attribute Workflow

If you have custom data attributes added to customer profiles either manually or via our API, you can now run workflows based on those attributes. This feature expands the targeting capabilities of your workflows. Remember to take advantage!

Performance Reports API

You can now retrieve key performance reports through our API. If you use a 3rd party analytics platform or need to plug in your Reamaze performance reports into another application, you can use the reporting API to find the report you need and generate JSON data. Access the reports API here. Scroll down until you see “REPORTS”.