Reamaze <> BigCommerce Integration V2

The BigCommerce integration update is here! We’ve been hard at work to bring you the brand new BigCommerce dashboard in Reamaze. In addition to feature additions, there’s also a new UI to help you find relevant customer information faster. We’ve also optimized the technology that powers this integration so calls made to BigCommerce are synchronized with Reamaze more efficiently.

If you currently sell on BigCommerce, keep in mind that you will need to update this integration either by refreshing your authentication token in the Reamaze dashboard or update the Reamaze app in your BigCommerce admin dashboard.

In order to see customer information, you’ll need to make sure customers are using the same email address both for purchasing and for contacting you. If customers are using two separate email addresses, you can easily combine the two profiles in Reamaze by updating either profiles with both email addresses. Reamaze will handle the merging!

Here are the latest updates

  • New UI in Reamaze conversations
  • Faster data syncing from BigCommerce to Reamaze
  • View past and current customer orders
  • See total order count
  • See order creation date, time, and type
  • See BigCommerce Customer Group
  • View order line items
  • View staff notes and comments
  • View shipping and fulfillment status
  • Directly access order in BigCommerce from Reamaze

Any questions? Let us know at!

Happy selling!