Reamaze Knowledge Base FAQ Design Update

The Reamaze Knowledge Base FAQ has been updated with a brand new design! If you haven’t added any custom HTML and CSS to your Reamaze Knowledge Base FAQ, you’ll automatically be moved to the new design.

If you do have existing custom HTML and CSS, we’ve taken the initiative to update your knowledge base to work with our latest redesign.

The new Reamaze Knowledge Base FAQ features a card-like design for easy navigation and improved readability. Card based navigation makes the Reamaze Knowledge Base FAQ more embeddable on a wide variety of site and store designs.

The article view has also been improved to take advantage of negative space to make text more readable. And if you haven’t already noticed, Reamaze Knowledge Base FAQ has adopted a new font called Noto Sans.

Your Reamaze Knowledge Base FAQ is more easily customizable thanks to the new design. It’ll work more seamlessly with a wide range of background colors and therefore be more easily integrated with existing content.

Our team will be making more updates in the coming weeks and months o stay tuned! Enjoy and reach out if you have any questions!