What You Might’ve Missed #22

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Here’s what you might’ve missed this week:

iOS Badge Counters

We’ve updated the Reamaze mobile app for iOS and Android to include unread/unresolved badge counters. This will give you a better idea of how many conversations are waiting for you within the dashboard!

Ability to Pause Automated Workflows

You can now customize your workflow mode as either manual, automatic, or paused. This gives you the ability to fine tune a variety of automated tasks without having to delete or edit a workflow all the time.

Reply and Go to Next conversation Reply Mode

You can now choose the “Reply and Go to Next” reply option to help you efficiently address all conversations in your dashboard. Traditionally, resolving a conversation would take you back the dashboard. This should make things even faster!

Auto-Archive Mode for Assistant

The Reamaze Assistant gets an upgrade so you can auto-resolve, auto-archive, and auto-delete conversations.