What You Might’ve Missed #25

Are you getting ready for the holidays? We know we are. But that doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop pushing out Re:amaze updates! Here’s what you might’ve missed in the past two weeks.

Twitter Character Limit > 280

On November 7th, Twitter announced that it was expanding its character limit on tweets from 140 to 280. We’ve updated your Twitter integration Re:amaze to reflect these changes. You can now craft more detailed replies back to customers before your message is shortened by a URL. Enjoy!

Recipient List Auto-Expands

We’ve made a change to the recipients field for replies where if more than 2 recipients are included in your reply, Re:amaze will automatically expand their names to give you a better indication that your reply will be going to multiple people. This change will help agents who’re unaware that there are multiple recipients avoid potential mishaps.

New Contact Trigger for Zapier

You can now create a Re:amaze new contact trigger in Zapier. For example, whenever a new contact is created within Re:amaze, you can auto-magically add that contact to your MailChimp list. Nifty!