Typing Presence: See What Customers are Typing Before They Hit Send

Have you waited and waited and waited some more for customers to finish typing something? What if you could start crafting your reply before they finish typing and click send?

Typing Presence allows you to do just that! See a preview of what your customers are typing before they even have a chance to finish typing. This small feature is a huge game changer for your customer service team’s efficiency and gives you another advantage in impressing and amazing customers. Here’s how it works:

  1. When a customer starts typing a response to your reply, Re:amaze will show you what they’re typing in real time.
  2. When the customer is finished with their response, their response will be published in the conversation thread as a normal message.
  3. As the agent, seeing what the customer is typing gives you a window of time to start drafting your reply. You have the option of sending your reply before the customer is even done typing (but don’t be too creepy!).

Typing Presence only works for widget conversations through the Shoutbox or Lightbox and does not apply to email, social media, or SMS/MMS conversations.