Office Hours and Blackout Dates

You can now add office hours and blackout dates for your Re:amaze by brand/store!

If you use the Re:amaze Shoutbox or Lightbox for your website, app, or store, customers can now be shown when you’ll be back in office if and when you’re out of office. These settings allow you to more effectively communicate whether or not someone on your team will be available soon or a more prolonged wait time is to be expected.

Office hours can be added as individual blocks of time throughout days of the week. And blackout dates can be added as individual days or hours within a day throughout the year.

You can begin to add your office hours by going to your Re:amaze account and then to “Settings”. Click on “Messaging” and then view settings for your selected brand. Feel free to check out our FAQ article on office hours and blackout dates as well.