New Re:amaze Features You Might’ve Missed #27

So what have you missed so far in 2018? We should really turn this long running series into a trivia game! Read on and see what kinds of updates we’ve been pushing underneath the radar.

New Savable Embeddables

The Re:amaze Embed Builder has been replaced by a new menu item called “Embeddables”. Embeddables will now allow you to build a number of different Re:amaze Embeds and save them for easy referencing later down the road. You can also now name every new Embed you design and create.

The new Embeddable manager also works with Google Tag Manager so you can easily publish and unpublish Re:amaze Embeds to your website, store, or app!

New Outbound Filter

There is now a new Outbound filter for your dashboard where you can reference conversations you’ve sent to customers using the “New Message” feature. The Outbound filter acts as a “Sent” folder but only for conversation where you (or another team member) were the initial sender.

Enhanced Staff Summary Report

The Staff Summary report will now show resolved and archived counts for easier referencing. At-a-glance reporting is extremely helpful when you’re managing a team of support agents and simple counts such as the number of responses, number of conversations resolved, number of conversations archived, and appreciation received is just another step at faster insights!