Workflow Reports

July 18, 2017

Reamaze Workflows is a powerful way of automating certain actions and commands based on specific triggering events. If you’re not familiar with workflows, we recommend reading the following article and watching the tutorial here. During peak customer service periods, workflows can be a great asset to you and your team. Workflows can also help minimize … Continue reading “Workflow Reports”

What You Might’ve Missed #17

July 10, 2017

We love small updates and optimizations! The downside is you might not notice all of them right away. This is why we have a series called “What You Might’ve Missed”! Here’s what you might’ve missed in the past week or two. Unresolved Tooltip If you have over 250+ unresolved conversations, you can now see the … Continue reading “What You Might’ve Missed #17”

Reamaze Mobile for iPad

Reamaze is now available for the iPad! Enjoy working off your iPad? Whether it’s your trusted iPad Air or iPad Pro, Reamaze mobile app for iPad is now available. You can now amaze customers through the same intuitive and consistent dashboard that you love using on the web or on your phone. When you’re ready … Continue reading “Reamaze Mobile for iPad”

Google Tag Manager (GTM) Integration

June 28, 2017

Reamaze now officially supports Google Tag Manager (GTM)! GTM is considered a Godsend for marketers and developers looking for fast, easy implementations of scripts (tags). GTM requires a one-time install for your website or application and all future iterations of your Reamaze embeds such as Shoutbox and Cues can be managed within the Reamaze dashboard or GTM … Continue reading “Google Tag Manager (GTM) Integration”

What You Might’ve Missed #16

June 19, 2017

Small features update time! Here’s what you might’ve missed in the past few weeks that can really help you with the day-to-day usage of Reamaze. Follow what we’re doing on Twitter and Facebook as well since all feature updates are announced there too! Let’s get to it. Contact Filtering Contact filtering is a brand new … Continue reading “What You Might’ve Missed #16”

News – Reamaze Named BigCommerce Certified Partner

June 7, 2017

Reamaze offers customer communications tools to help fast-growing businesses increase conversions and build more valuable customer relationships. San Jose, CA — June 7th, 2017 — Reamaze today announced it has been named a BigCommerce Certified Technology Partner, providing more than 50,000 BigCommerce customers access to Reamaze’s customer communications platform. Beginning today, BigCommerce customers can integrate Reamaze’s app … Continue reading “News – Reamaze Named BigCommerce Certified Partner”

Push Notification Updates

May 24, 2017

We’ve made some awesome changes to push notifications for the Reamaze mobile app! Direct recipients and participants will now receive push notifications for internal notes. Previously, mobile notifications did not include internal notes Reminders will now trigger push notifications as well. There is a new setting in both the Email and Mobile Notification pages where … Continue reading “Push Notification Updates”

What You Might’ve Missed #15

May 22, 2017

Another week and another issue of what you might’ve missed! If you’re new here, the “What You Might’ve Missed Series” announces some smaller updates you might’ve missed during the past few days and weeks. Uncategorized Knowledge Base Articles Published knowledge base articles will now show up as “Miscellaneous” if you do not categorize them under … Continue reading “What You Might’ve Missed #15”