Mobile App Update – Attachments

April 21, 2017

It’s time to update your Reamaze mobile app! You can update it directly on your phone for the platform of your choice: iOS Android The latest update includes optimized performance for mobile and most importantly, attachments and a brand new mobile attachments viewer for optimal viewing pleasure. To attach, simply click on the familiar looking attachments … Continue reading “Mobile App Update – Attachments”

New Settings Menu, Notifications Buttons, and Online Agents

April 17, 2017

Reorganized Settings Menu We’ve re-organized the Reamaze settings menu to take advantage of many new features and to better communicate upcoming features. Brand Settings cards are now much simpler. The biggest change here is that “Reamaze.js Popup Appearance” portion is now living in the Embed Builder but still accessible in the advanced settings section. Embed Builder has … Continue reading “New Settings Menu, Notifications Buttons, and Online Agents”

What You Might’ve Missed

April 4, 2017

Emoji short-name menu A few weeks ago we added a quick select emoji picker into the conversations dashboard. This week we’ve decided that it wasn’t quick enough. So here. A short-name menu that pops up whenever you use “:”. Enjoy! Long conversation transparent pagination optimization Long conversations with lots of messages used to load a bit … Continue reading “What You Might’ve Missed”

Snail Mail Integration for Reamaze (U.S. Only)

April 1, 2017

Reamaze’s core competency is multi-channel communications with customers. We’ve traditionally ignored traditional channels such as phone, fax, and of course, snail mail. However, some of these channels are making a comeback of sorts in the world of high-tech. Hospitals today still rely on fax for secure delivery of crucial patient documents. The IRS still relies … Continue reading “Snail Mail Integration for Reamaze (U.S. Only)”

What You Might’ve Missed

March 21, 2017

Email Specific Text Customization Previously, you had to use a custom email template in order to customize the text displayed below. You can now customize everything inside the much beloved “Text Customization” feature under your brand settings without having to use a custom template! Stacked Notifications for Reamaze Shoutbox Reamaze Shoutbox now supports multiple stacked … Continue reading “What You Might’ve Missed”

Live Chat Navigation Update

March 15, 2017

You can now easily navigate through all of your live chat conversations without leaving the main chats dashboard! This first phrase breaks out your active chats in chronological order in terms of latest activity and also the unserved chat requests currently in queue. You can still quickly access the most recently updated chats on the right … Continue reading “Live Chat Navigation Update”

Embed 2.0

March 8, 2017

The Reamaze Shoutbox and Lightbox have just been updated with brand new clothes and functionality. This update sets up all of Reamaze’s embeds for exciting new features in the future and is highly optimized for better customer engagement. If you’re a developer and prefer more direct access to Reamaze’s Embed 2.0 features, click through to … Continue reading “Embed 2.0”

What You Might’ve Missed

March 7, 2017

New Workflow Commands We’ve added a command into Workflows so you can automatically forward a conversation to a 3rd party! We’ve also added another command to Workflows so you can remove an existing tag from a conversation. Caveat: you’ll need to know which tag to remove beforehand. New Autoresponder Features We now allow you to … Continue reading “What You Might’ve Missed”

Reamaze Performance Optimization

March 6, 2017

The team has been HARD AT WORK optimizing platform performance for all Reamaze features. Our core focus was on decreasing load times and page refresh times. Most Reamaze users spend the majority of their time on different Reamaze dashboards and conversations so it made sense to squeeze as much performance out of those key junctions as … Continue reading “Reamaze Performance Optimization”