Embed 2.0

The Reamaze Shoutbox and Lightbox have just been updated with brand new clothes and functionality. This update sets up all of Reamaze’s embeds for exciting new features in the future and is highly optimized for better customer engagement.

If you’re a developer and prefer more direct access to Reamaze’s Embed 2.0 features, click through to our developer docs here: https://www.reamaze.com/developer/widget_anonymous

Interface Updates

  • Agent avatar has been relocated for more visibility.
  • Shoutbox triggers now open and close the pop-up modal.
  • New interface for attachments, sending, and retrieving conversation histories.
  • New website push notifications.
  • New live chat indicator.
  • New breadcrumbs for knowledge base mode.
  • Welcome message has been relocated.
  • Reamaze Embed Builder now supports the ability for you to set a theme color that matches your brand with a single click.

Feature Updates

  • Reamaze Shoutbox and Lightbox now support anonymous mode. This allows customers to start a conversation with you without having enter their name and email first.
  • Reamaze Embed Builder has been updated to support the above mentioned anonymous mode and theme setting.
  • Reamaze Shoutbox and Lightbox will now automatically collect customer email after a conversation has started. This is called an email transition. We will soon support the ability to transition customers from Shoutbox and Lightbox to another channel.

Visual Overview

Below are some screenshots of what’s possible with the new versions of Reamaze Embeddables. You can always use the Embed Builder in your settings account to customize your own.


Shoutbox with Anonymous Mode ON (Real Time Messaging)

Reamaze Shoutbox with Anonymous Mode ON (Live Chat)

Reamaze Message Push Notification

Reamaze Shoutbox with Knowledge Base

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.38.32 AM

Reamaze Shoutbox with Knowledge Base Article

Reamaze Shoutbox Anonymous Mode with Email Transition

Reamaze Shoutbox Conversation History View

Reamaze Lightbox with Knowledge Base

Reamaze Lightbox with Conversation History

Reamaze Lightbox w/ Anonymous Mode OFF, Custom Fields, Live Chat

Embed 2.0 is already live on your site. There’s nothing you need to do. If you have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to let us know!

support@reamaze.com or click on the Shoutbox ->