What You Might’ve Missed #16

Small features update time! Here’s what you might’ve missed in the past few weeks that can really help you with the day-to-day usage of Reamaze. Follow what we’re doing on Twitter and Facebook as well since all feature updates are announced there too! Let’s get to it.

Contact Filtering

Contact filtering is a brand new feature in Reamaze and is considered a beta feature. For now, you’ll be able to run a few simple filters to find the contacts you need. Coming soon are more segmentable filters that will make contact filtering much more powerful.

Sound Setting for Reamaze Cues

You can now toggle the sound setting while creating a new Cue to enable or disable the notification alert for your customers. We recommend leaving the sound on for most use cases but turning it off for certain Cues might make a lot of sense!

Workflow Trigger for Cues

You can now create automated workflows against the Cues that show up for your customers. You’ll need to map the workflow trigger to the Cues message content.

Lightbox Theme Color

You can now create a Lightbox embed with a specific theme color. Have it match your other Reamaze Embeds or your website.

Role and Permission Setting for Editing Contact Profiles

You can now remove access for certain agents from accessing your customers’ contact information. Remove this access control will prevent them from being able to add contact details, change the customers’ names, etc.

Reassigning Conversations Event

When you reassign a conversation to someone else, an event will be triggered and displayed in-line with the conversation for better management and record keeping.

Archived Embedded Conversations Will Expire

Old and archived conversations that originated from a Reamaze Embed will now expire after 2 weeks. Customers will no longer be able to add to the thread and be prompted to start a new conversation.