Google Tag Manager (GTM) Integration

Reamaze now officially supports Google Tag Manager (GTM)!

GTM is considered a Godsend for marketers and developers looking for fast, easy implementations of scripts (tags). GTM requires a one-time install for your website or application and all future iterations of your Reamaze embeds such as Shoutbox and Cues can be managed within the Reamaze dashboard or GTM dashboard. There are many benefits to using GTM with Reamaze:

  • One-time install
  • Fast deployments without the need for developer resources
  • Auto-publishing Cues will no longer require you to log into GTM and can be controlled directly in your Reamaze dashboard
  • Auto-publishing Cues can help you change and add Cues on-the-fly

Reamaze supports the following GTM workflows:

  • Manual publishing for Reamaze Shoutbox
  • Manual publishing for Reamaze Cues
  • Auto-publishing for Reamaze Cues

Whether you choose to enable GTM either manually or automatically, you’ll need to make sure the Reamaze Shoutbox is installed properly. You can use the Embed Builder or our developer guide to do so. For Shopify and BigCommerce users, follow the instructions provided to you.

For manual publishing, check out our in-depth guide here.

For auto-publishing Reamaze Cues, check out our in-depth guide here.