WooCommerce Integration Has Arrived

Reamaze has partnered up with WooCommerce to bring  you a powerful customer data integration layer right within your conversations with customers. According to Builtwith, WooCommerce is currently one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the web today. When combined with WordPress, you can easily build the eCommerce store of your dreams.

With the rising popularity of WordPress/WooCommerce and Reamaze’s current integration with WordPress our team has been working hard to bring WooCommerce into the fold as well. Starting today, for those of you currently using WooCommerce, WordPress, or both, you’ll have the ability to bring in customer data from WooCommerce directly into your Reamaze dashboard!

This latest integration will only work for users on WooCommerce 3 or newer and users on WordPress 4.4 or newer. If you’re not currently on these platform versions, please make sure you update before starting the integration.

You can start the integration process by going to your Reamaze account and clicking on “Settings” then “Apps”. Click on WooCommerce. Review the requirements and click on “+ Connect a WooCommerce Store”.

Once you’ve authenticated Reamaze to connect to your WooCommerce account, you’ll be able to verify the settings by clicking on “Manage Settings”.

Make sure the brand your WooCommerce account is connected to is correct along with the store name and store URL. Verify your API credentials.

Once integrated, new customer conversations with emails that match existing customer emails in your WooCommerce database will show order information and other accessible information.

UPDATE 08/17/2017

The WooCommerce integration for Reamaze now supports the importation of shipping and tracking data.

If you have any feedback about our WooCommerce integration feel free to email us at support@reamaze.com or chat with us using the Shoutbox/chat box to the right ->