What You Might’ve Missed #21

Here’s September’s first “What You Might’ve Missed”. We’ve got updates, updates, and more updates! Stay in touch with us here or follow us on all our social media accounts for the latest updates to the platform.

JavaScript Lightbox Update

We’ve updated the Lightbox embed to support the ability to enforce a specified channel in your Reamaze account. If you have multiple embeds in your website or app, this will allow you to default which channels will receive messages from specific pages.

Facebook Hide/Delete Post Support

You can now proactively or retroactively hide or delete a post from Facebook that has been imported into Reamaze. The Hide/Delete option will be available based on the message and comment type.

Internal Note With Conversation Summaries

Internal notes left for other staff members will now include a summary of the existing conversation in the email notification. This ensures all agents receive adequate context of what is being discussed and will be extremely beneficial for internal communications.

New Subscribed Filter

We’re introducing a new conversation filter called “Subscribed”. This filter. The new Subscribed filter works like the Awaiting filter, but only shows you the conversations that are unresolved and from Channels that you’ve Subscribed to. Subscriptions are couple with Notifications. You can change these settings under “Settings” > “Subscribed Channels”.