What You Might’ve Missed #23

Time for another issue of “What You Might’ve Missed”. This series is designed to help those of you who’re not constantly paying attention to the ins and outs of Reamaze to stay updated on what’s new. Who knows? Maybe there’s something in here that’ll pique your interest!

Here are the latest updates!

Workflow Command for Reminders

You can now create automated workflows which trigger a command to add a reminder to a conversation. This will come in handy when conversations found by a workflow is something you’d like to follow up on at a later date.

Add Customer Identity for Twitter and Instagram

Easily add a customer’s known Twitter account or Instagram account to their existing Reamaze profile in addition to email and phone number.

Add Twitter and Instagram identities via API

You can also add customer identities via our API instead of the dashboard UI if needed. Simply use the correct identifier type {identifier_type} in your POST request.

Embed Builder Tracks Customer Location Automatically

You no longer need to include a hidden custom form field for your Shoutbox, Lightbox, or Contact Form in order to track the initial contact location of the customer. This will now be done by default for all Reamaze Embeds!

Deploy Different Shoutbox and Contact Form Configurations

Due to popular demand, you’re now able to deploy multiple configurations of the Reamaze Shoutbox and Contact Form with different custom form fields on the same page. Success!