Re:amaze Live Dashboard. Hello 2018.

It’s a brand new year and we’ve got a brand new feature to help you make 2018 an absolute knockout!

Introducing the Re:amaze Live Dashboard. Many of you have wanted to use Re:amaze as a means to more proactive monitoring and engagement. The Live Dashboard is designed to open up a brand new communications channel for you whenever you have Reamaze.js installed for your store site or app.

The Live Dashboard helps you visualize all known and unknown (guests) users, their current and historical activity, their local timezone, and their geolocation. This powerful dashboard can be used as a real time monitoring tool for your marketing teams, a proactive messaging channel for your sales team, or an extra dashboard filled with useful information for your customer service team. Best of all, Re:amaze Live Dashboard is enabled for all your brands as long as you have either a Shoutbox, Lightbox, embedded contact form, or embedded FAQ deployed on your site or app.

Sending a Live Message Cue

You can send a live message to any online and active customer or guest user after tracking their activity history.

Sent messages are logged as events in recent activities and can be viewed by hovering over the “live message” hyperlink.

Customers who receive a live message sent from the Live Dashboard are shown a real time notification in the form of a Cue!

If you’re on the Re:amaze Plus Plan, the Live Dashboard is instantly accessible now on the left side of your dashboard. If you’re on our Basic Plan and this is something you’d like to use, feel free to upgrade or reach out to our team if you have questions!